Fable Food uses Digify to protect IP during USD $4.8 million seed round fundraise

In addition to closing their USD $4.8m funding round, Australia-based startup Fable Food uses Digify to keep their manufacturing know-how safe.

About Fable Food

Fable Food is a mushroom-based meat alternative company founded in 2019 in Australia. The company aims to provide delicious, clean, and responsibly crafted mushroom products as a step towards ending industrial animal agriculture.

In August 2021, Fable Food raised USD $4.8 million in seed funding as it looks to expand its production globally.

The problem

Needed to prevent unauthorized sharing of information

Information leaks could happen if confidential documents are shared via email. Fable Food sought a solution to secure important information they send to investors, and to manufacturing teams.

Unauthorized access to confidential documents can affect Fable Food negatively. Hence, it is important for Fable Food to always stay in control of sensitive files.

The solution

A unified document security platform for companies to retain full control of confidential documents, even after sending

Conduct investor due diligence
with data rooms

Fable Food uses Digify’s data rooms for investors to conduct due diligence safely. To better gauge the interest of their investors, they can see which document has been opened, by whom, and for how long with Digify’s document tracking features.

Secure investor updates with document security

Fable Food uses Digify to send updates to investors securely. For added security, Fable Food would enable Digify’s Terms of Access feature. That way, all recipients must agree to Fable Food’s personalized NDAs before accessing any confidential documents.

Secure manufacturing process intellectual property

Fable Food could share manufacturing processes with manufacturing teams without worrying about leaks. Digify’s dynamic watermarks and Screen Shield greatly reduces risks of unauthorized sharing and helps keep intellectual property safe.

The outcome

A successful USD $4.8 million seed round fundraise, and ongoing usage of Digify to keep important information safe.

Fable Food successfully uses Digify’s data rooms for investors to conduct due diligence and review confidential documents, closing USD $4.8 million in seed round funding. Moving forward, Fable Food intends to use Digify to prevent leaks of important information.

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