WeWork uses Digify to secure their confidential documents

WeWork uses Digify to secure their confidential documents

The problem

Retaining internal control of confidential documents

WeWork wanted an effective way to share specific information with the entire company, and to also have the ability to protect, track, and watermark confidential files.

“The cloud file sharing services we previously employed did not have the level of protection and tracking we needed for sharing confidential information,” said Jonathan Agha, Information Security Director for WeWork.

The requirements

Although WeWork already has multiple enterprise services, they needed a document security platform that would provide the following capabilities:

  • Ability to set permissions on whether people can print and download certain files.

  • Ability to automatically watermark individual files with the recipients’ emails instead of manually entering them.

  • Tracking the access of sensitive documents that included the details of locations and IP addresses.

  • Ability to have files expire and self-destruct.

The results

Digify enables WeWork to:

  • Keep control of their confidential information, including documents sent out to third-party recipients.

  • Have comfort in knowing what happens to any given file after it has been shared. If it falls into the wrong hands, they have the ability to immediately revoke access to the file.

  • Know that sensitive information is not out there forever.

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